6 Kids and a Pop-Up Camper:  paperback PRINT Book
6 Kids and a Pop-Up Camper:  paperback PRINT Book

6 Kids and a Pop-Up Camper: paperback PRINT Book


1 country - 6 Months - 43 States - 20 Cities - 18 churches - 10 homes  - 24 campsites - 5 church compounds lived in - 2 Bible Conferences - 20 National Parks - 20 Museums - 7 Capitol Buildings - 2 Military Bases - 2 Space Shuttles - 3 Great Bridges - 108 Fridge Magnets - 21, 139 Kilometers (or 13, 138 miles)

When Singaporeans, Dan and Sue, decided to take their six homeschooled children on an epic 6-month road trip in the USA, they never did imagine just how tremendous their experience would turn out to be! Traveling with their faithful Pop-up Camper, they camped under the amazing moonlit skies of Utah, in the middle of magical Redwood Forests in California, under a pecan tree in South Carolina, on a hillside camp in Yellowstone where Elk stomped through. Their cozy home-on-wheels sheltered them from rain and hailstones in Zion National Park, protected them from armies of mosquitoes in Mississippi, saw them huddling together under two layers of blankets in New York City. America has left them with a deeply enriching experience. 

With many beautiful and inspiring photographs taken by their eldest son Asher (who was 15 at the time of the trip), this travelogue attempts to chronologically record the journey of where they have been. The whole family shares many thoughts and learning moments being on a daily shifting schedule and of their encounters in a vast country so different from their own. 

As exciting as any unscripted adventure could go- expect the unexpected. There were many ups and downs in the course of their journey. The Ongs give an insight into some of their Christian guiding principles on how their family of eight co-exist together in loving relationships, and how they overcame obstacles and difficulties they encountered.

School was everywhere they camped, Education was lived out, America was their textbook, and God, their Master Teacher!


6 Kids and a Pop-Up Camper: the Travelogue in PRINT! 300 page, A4 size, soft cover, FULL COLOUR book! It will be the story of our 21,139 km journey over 43 States of the USA, mainly told through the camera lens (80% photographs) and also through the eyes of every member of the family through accounts, poems, drawings. Our Travelogue is a family affair!

Our family loves God! (We are Baptists of the conservative sort.) In this book, we do talk about God as a Person who is One who guided and helped us. Because, in our experience, that's what happened!  We will not be discussing doctrines in this book. 


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